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Web Observatory & Review for Discrimination alerts & Stereotypes deconstruction
This project is co-funded by the European Commission DG Justice - Agreement Number: JUST/2009/FRAC/AG/1092–30-ce-0377097/00-01

In Other W.O.R.D.S. - Web Observatory & Review for Discrimination alerts & Stereotypes deconstruction

EU Project - Web Observatory and Review for Discrimination alerts and Stereotypes deconstructionIn Other Words Project is conceived firstly in connection with the awareness of the role and reality of mass media across Europe, how they influence intolerant behaviours, and how, on the contrary, they may contribute positively to combating discrimination and promoting cultural diversity.

It has been proven that intolerance, racism, xenophobia and other discriminatory attitudes stem from ignorance (lack of direct knowledge or understanding of diversity), prejudice, and stereotypes. The in-depth awareness of figures, data, cultural backgrounds, scientific findings and social dynamics may help people develop their own opinion, free from prejudice, thus overcome stereotypes and develop a positive attitude towards minorities and groups that are perceived as "different".

In Other Words project focuses on the potential role of mass media in disseminating accurate information through the use of precise and non-discriminatory language.

The project aims to react to the current situation in which the media are vehicles for stereotypes' dissemination and help improve the correctness of media discourse and messages.

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